Reviews - A History of White Metal Transport Modelling


Richard Browne – reviewing for CTCS

  • A History of White Metal Transport Modelling: A Who's Who in the Industry, it covers the people who have made our hobby what it is. Its 268 pages are chock full of colour pictures of models and, most importantly, the people who made them and brought them to us. Most of the book is devoted to 1:43 cars. A white metal model timeline is worth the price of admission, and the coverage of the often forgotten pattern makers is exceptional. Canadians like Mike McNally and the Stewarts have not been forgotten.
    The book is only available from the authors at: or Price is £24.95. Shipping is £2.40 in the UK, £5.70 in Europe, £10.10 for the rest of us. PayPal is acceptable and the easiest way to pay. Bank transfers, cash, and cheques are also acceptable. Is the book worth $57+ to Canada? I think it's a bargain!

Review by JPL

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book - it's one of the most complete "one subject" books I've ever read, covering everything you could possibly want to know about white metal models, from individual companies through to how these models are made and the history of the subject. Many obscure companies are featured, along with lots of great photos of models, manufacturing proceses, real vehicles and personalities. Very much recommended!

Review Peter: Enco Models

  • Congratulations gentlemen on such a super, well designed book. I received the first of my three copies on Friday and I've had a job putting it down. Yet more to read, but savouring it. I never thought of myself as an Early Pioneer, but I suppose I am really. So many names of people with whom I have met or traded. Brought back many memories. Thanks for all you effort.

Review by Jeff & Sue Sharrock

  • An excellent book! Very readable and informative for anyone interested in white metal. Many congratulations!

Review by JR. Stratford

  • Well, what a fantastic book. I know a lot of the people mentioned, some alas not with us anymore. Anyway, a great book, looks a good read, long overdue.

Review by John Halcrow: Big River Models

  • You and Ray have done a perfect job on your book! I have  just received my copy and as they say, just can not put it down. I asked you to send a copy to another one man band way down in Victoria he is away at present but when he returns and collects his book in the mail it will blow him away I will be the first person he will phone! Thank you again my regards to Bromsgrove Ray.

Review by Paddy Stanley

  • The book arrived to hand about 2 ¾ hours ago and the time in between has been spent in reading and looking at the pictures. What a wonderful production . I have had to put it down as I have developed mental and visual indigestion, reliving ‘the old days’ and meeting old friends (most of whom I only know by reputation since I spent so much of that time out of the country). I love the way that you (and I presume Ray) have brought out the personalities and lives of your interviewees and by golly, there are a great many of them. Thank you for the prominence you have given to me and all the photographs ! Sorry to learn of the deaths of Barry Lester and Sue Richardson, but so many of us are getting to our ’sell by date’, it all started nearly 50 years ago.

Review by Richard Stokes

  • Received my copy of your book.  Many thanks.  I am very impressed.  I haven't been able to put it down.  Especially about the early days.  Obviously you have put in a lot of research.  You deserve to do well. Well done.

Review by Bob Jackman

  • Just a note to let you know that I received the book yesterday and it is terrific. Hard for me to put it down as it contains so much information on our little cars and the people who produced them. Best regards.

Review by Anon

  • Got your book A history of White Metal Transport Modelling at Christmas time some months ago. It is one of the best books I have ever read about model cars and the best about white metal, period.

    That's for one, then I have a question, I would like to ask for permission to make a copy of 4 pages as an excerpt from your book. Page 3,4,5 and page 6. These are about Morgan model cars and I would like to send this info to a renown Morgan Owners Club member in Holland, who was also my teacher during my watchmakers course, but also to promote your book. Because it is one of a kind and a great read. Thank you very much for your permission to make a copy of some pages from your book A history of White Metal Transport Modelling. Like you advised me to do, I have send a copy of the front and back page of the book also to the Morgan Owners Club member. There are a lot of books about model cars but to my knowledge this book is one of the first and maybe also the only one describing the background of the people involved in the model car scene.

    It was very interesting to read, as a matter of fact I am still reading it and browsing through it because it is full of information. It was for me a surprise to see how people of all kinds of professions started a company and took the challenge of the production of model cars. Also the book contains a lot of photos and your style of writing is straightforward, definitely a book to represent the white metal industry in an excellent way.ell, what a fantastic book. I know a lot of the people mentioned, some alas not with us anymore. Anyway, a great book, looks a good read, long overdue.

Review by Mike Richardson

  • I have now had plenty of time to read your book which I actually picked up from son Gary in February.

    I have one word to describe it: 'great'. It brought back many happy memories of our time in the 'white metal business.' I learnt many new facts about others involved in the business, many of the later ones Sue and I never met. I remain convinced that it was a great time for model collectors and manufacturers. You and Ray have captured the essence of the time. The bit about swapping boxes in the 'then' Aust services on the A4 brought back many happy memories.

    I feel that you two have produced the definitive work on the subject, and it would be nitpicking to go looking for errors. Having written many books there will always be very minor discrepancies included, most of which have been failures of someone's memory, but these do in no way detract from the overall book.
    Congratulations on your combined effort.

Review (extract) by G. Ron Blair, past president of the Canadian Toy Collectors Society

  • My overall impression of this book is that it has been well-researched by the knowledgeable authors and the coverage and details are significant. It must have been a true labour-of-love for Ray and David and this shows through in both the text and the photographs. The quality of printing is excellent, clear and uncluttered. A few spelling mistakes here and there and at least one photo mix up but these do not detract from the enjoyment and wealth of information contained in this white metal " bible". Congratulations to the authors on a difficult job so well done and, dare I say, just in time before many more of the men and women who contributed to the white metal industry join their fellow-contributors designing and casting these wonderful models elsewhere!!
    Highly recommended.