Reviews - The History of Resin Transport Modelling


Review by Bruce Arnold - BAM

  • What a wonderful book you have made for us all. It is very heartwarming to read about the people whose models I have collected for years. WELL DONE!!

Review by Michel Ottenwaelder - Vroom Model Car

  • I have received last week the three ordered books and I have to thank you for your fantastic work ! I like very much this book and it will help me for every day in my life !! Thank you David and I am sorry not to have help you more for your work !

Review by Charles Barnett - Midas Models

  • The new book is terrific by the way - apologies that I haven't told you so before, but I haven't had chance to read it through as yet. But what I have seen, is great, and it's a great companion volume to the White Metal book, just as I guess you intended. Congratulations on unravelling and demystifying so much of the history of the resin model : I know how much research and work must have gone into that.

Review by George Arnold - MCM Intl

  • I love the book. It is truly great and an homage to this particular collector's hobby made up of a wide spectrum of backgrounds and dealings from fabricators to retailers. I am very impressed and it's a real honour and treat to be featured on not one but two pages of your book with the photos of the cars I built in resin. The book is a real delight to read and it's a real treasure trove of information and insight into a lot I didn't know about. Once again many thanks for your patience, meeting me half way, hammering out problems and some the challenges we encountered. I sure appreciate the incredible detail, heart and soul you put into it, and countless hours of hard work; it will pay off for you. It sure is worth it. Awesome book and photo to text arrangement.

Review by Frédéric Cros - Silas Models

  • I have received my copy of David Wright's book: "The History of Resin Transport Modelling". This book is a real gold mine for the collector willing to learn in depth who's who in the resin modelling industry. You won't regret your purchase. A must have!

Review by Tim Dyke - MPH Models

  • David - many thanks for the book - it is excellent, and I'm working my way through it. It is amazing the things I didn't know about people I thought I knew very well !!

Review by Mark Asbreuk - Matrix Scale Models

  • I received your book in very good condition! Thank you very much! One more time, congratulations! It is great. Something about the history of resin models, something about the people behind the brands! Fantastic! Books like these are very welcome! A lot of people I know are inside your book!

Review by Joel Dickson

  • Received the two signed books in good condition. Have enjoyed reading both of them and find they are a great source of information on the 1:43 car model industry. It is interesting to read about the various facets of the industry from its inception and to hear it from the people who are a part of it. You've done a great job in compiling and documenting the car model history which will continue to serve as a valuable source of reference for years to come. Thanks for sending me the books and for all your hard work.

Review by Jan Miedema - Rilato Models

  • Today I purchased my copy at Modelcars in Rotterdam, my first impression of the book is very good. This should have been published 15 years ago....but anyway congratulations. Your rendition of my story is well done, I can find myself in every sentence.

Review by Ruurdt Flesseman - Modelautokrant

  • I recently received two books and thus many hours of reading pleasure.
    In this case covers the subtitle "A Who's Who in the Industry" the load better. Both books contain a list of just about anyone who has ever dealt with the manufacture of hand-building models and kits. For me that was a feast of recognition. All names of yesteryear are reviewed: John Day, Bryan Garfield Jones, Barry Lester, Leslie Hurle Bath, Ron Ward and all those other people without whose pioneering work we no Ixo Minichamps or would have. Also the continent and even Asia is discussed. Netherlands was represented by Peter Ypema ao, (Marpytoys), Max Derrez, Henk van Asten (Conquest), Arjan de Roos and even Mark Asbreuk (formerly the driving force behind Neo) get a spot. For me personally it was a revelation to read that Jan Miedema Rialto from Zoetermeer not John but Janet turns out to be.
    Remarkable are not only unexpected alliances but also the infighting, which sometimes - as I remember - during Namac scholarship were fought. Some went after a quarrel or lawsuit bankrupt or simply threw in the towel. Others put through and now stand at the head of multinational production model.
    Do not expect lists, or many pictures of models. It is about the people, some of which, as I suspect, could write their own piece. It is unfortunate that a clear index is missing, but examination of the list of chapters take you a long way.
    All in all fascinating reading for anyone who was there, and instructive for anyone who wants to know where that old kit that after twenty years still to be built, comes from.

Review by Steve Clarke - Model Motorvation

  • Received the book today and I am so honoured to feature in it .
    I have had a smile on my face since I saw my caption in the book, thank you so much for the opportunity to share with others my passion for the hobby we all enjoy.
    the quality of the book and people you have featured in it are truly amazing
    I am looking forward to reading through it over the next couple of days and will have to invest in your earlier editions too
    I never knew there were so many other people like myself in this industry and I will try to contact a few of them to see if they can help me realize a few ideas I have for future projects I would like to undertake
    When I get home from work tomorrow I will sort out a section on the forum and Facebook page we have to promote your books

    In my haste to get the book I forgot to ask you to sign it for me , you will have to let me know of any future events you may attend so I can try and get down to get you to sign it for me. If there is anything I can do to help please don't hesitate to ask.

Review by Michael Zelikson

  • Dear David, I got book! From my first glance it looks more complete than first one and I
    love it (and first too)! I even found my close friend Mikhail Bashmashnikov (B&G Co) in it!
    Great job! Thank you very much! Keep me in mind if you write more books...........

Review by Tony Cairns

  • Hi David, your book arrived in perfect condition yesterday. I have started reading and it is definitely up to the high standard set by your previous work.

Review by Didier Rosetto - Dinacar

  • I received your book, I thank you very much. This book is very interesting, we discover little by little, and especially we learn a lot about other manufacturers. I'm really happy to have contributed, it's great that my story is explained in a book that sells worldwide! Everything is perfect, and yet again thank you for thinking of us.