British Sporting Cars In Miniature

An A-Z of model cars with a sporting theme by David Wright.
British Sporting Cars in Miniature

Fuelled by the success of my two books on resin and white metal transport modelling, I've now turned to my personal collecting interest of some 40 years, British sports cars.

Research identified a vast number of both small and large manufacturers of sporting cars, many in kit form, some of which, although made for the road, were made in very small numbers. Defining what is a sports or sporting car was a real challenge, and I've emphasized that this book is a personal record, thus my definitions relating to style, performance, function and age of the real cars are wholly mine.

With a keen objective of linking the miniature examples, mostly in 1:43 scale, with the real thing, I began with my collection of over 800 models, and enhanced this spectrum with those of a number of serious collectors around the world, resulting in the assembly of an unrivalled reference work depicting the complete range of British sporting cars throughout the 20th century.

This work combines useful historical summaries of 81 manufacturers, over 1000 pictures of both readily available model cars, through to rare or unique works of art, with a handy listing of each model, essential for every collector.

Never before attempted, this work must be the definitive answer to all collectors of models of British sporting cars.

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