Reviews - British Sports Cars in Miniature


Dick Browne of Diecast Forum and Forum43 says -

  • David Wright is a long-time English car and car model collector. He became known to many of us with the publication of his book: “A History of White Metal Transport Modelling” written in conjunction with Ray Strutt, well known for his long-running Modelex. David went solo for his next book, The History of Resin Transport Modelling”. Both books were sub-titled “A Who’s Who in the Industry”. These two books became standards for the libraries of many of us collectors who like to know more about what we collect or want to find.
    David’s latest book is now released and it is entitled: “British Sporting Cars in Miniature”, An A-Z of Model Cars with a Sporting Theme. This 270 page book covers over 85 makes of cars and the models that were made of them. While it starts with Adams it doesn’t make it to Z, through no fault of the author, as the sporting cars end with Wolseley. The book begins with an introduction to the subject and a definition of what constitutes a sporting car.
    Each of the articles of the subject cars begin with the history and background of the cars and then go on to discuss and illustrate many of the various models produced of each car and the model makers. All of the pictures, and there are many on each and every page, are in colour. Obviously some articles are quite short, like one page for Adams, Clan, and others. Others are running 23 pages for Jaguar and 20 for MG because of their proliferation of models and popularity. For me many of the articles provided insight and knowledge about cars I knew little or nothing about. The included models are, quite naturally, mainly 1:43, although other scales do find their way into the book. The book ends with a Stop Press Appendix with 13 models that were too recent to be properly included. This is followed by another appendix entitled The Ones That Got Away that lists 75 cars from 1934-2004 that have never been modelled.
    If your model collecting interest includes British sporting cars, you won’t want to miss this book. It is full of fascinating information and includes over 1000 colour pictures of the models. It will be an interesting addition to your model car library. At this time the book is only available directly from the author. Congratulations to David Wright on another outstanding model car book.

In the Netherlands,  Niek Van Der Mark says -

  • Thanks for the book ! I got it yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised – it’s not only a very comprehensive history of cars and models, and it’s great quality plus there’s really a lot of attention for the pictures . . . .. .
    I see you couldn’t resist putting those nice Arnolt Bristols and the wonderful GSM in, in spite of their not being entirely British.
    I haven’t read it all yet of course, but I think people will be impressed with your attention to detail. And of course, I don’t think there’s ever been a book like this.
    Let’s indeed hope the model car manufacturers will have a good look at the ones that got away page!

Michael from the USA said -

  • Got the book! Great job! Went deeply in it! Thank you very much!

Serge from Germany said -

  • Your book arrived yesterday. Many thanks for getting it off to me! I went though it last evening and really enjoyed it. What I found very good was the short history of the vehicle manufacturers concerned in bullet form. I'm going to go through the book again in more detail. It's really great!!

Michael from Canada says -

  • I am very happy to confirm that I received you books on Thursday 19th November 2015 in good condition.
    Only have had a quick flick through the Whitemetal & Resin books and they look like being a interesting read.
    I have been reading Model Auto Review & Four Small Wheels for many years & planned at one stage to do a spreadsheet of all the manufacturers & their relationship to each other, as it all seemed a bit interconnected, however you have saved me the effort!!!

    British Sporting Cars in Miniature - Not sure what I was expecting with this book & on first quick flick through of the Jaguar & BMC models (which is part of my collection interests) there appeared nothing much new that I did not already know.  On a second, bit more thorough browse, I notice a few Marques that I had not even heard of, let alone know of the models associated with them, so many enjoyable hours to be had with my head stuck in a book or three.

Jean -Pierre from Belgium says -

  • Just received your book yesterday morning, and nearly spent the rest of the day……..well nearly ;-))
    You really have collected (again) a wealth of knowledge regarding model cars and from my point of view even the full size ones !
    I just adore reading your features and especially the lesser known makes and brands. I will do my little bit of promoting it in Belgium, promised. Your book really deserves this.

Paul Lang from Germany says -

  • Just received your books last week. Very good job, well done. This brings me back to my starting years in the model car business in the early 70th.

John from the USA says -

  • I wanted to let you know I think the book is terrific. Very thorough. I may have mentioned I began collecting 1/43 cars just a few years ago, about the time when Heco was folding, so I've bought a number of Heco cars on the secondary market. I started with LSR cars and then branched to the Art Deco period, which now makes up the bulk of my collection.

    I really enjoy learning of the history of my favourite companies. I've spoken many times with Mikhail Bashmashnikov but I didn't know the history of  B&G. Seeing Pivtorak and learning his company's history was also enlightening. The same is true of MAFMA and Ilario. It's nice to see photos of these people to give a face to my emails. Stuart Delf is another maker from whom I buy.

    I guess the only down side is I've learned many of these people are up in years, like me. I wonder how much longer the hobby can sustain. When I go to swap meets or my local diecast store, everyone there is my age. I don't see any young people with an interest in model cars. I guess that's just progress.

    Anyway, it's a fine effort on your part and I will get with you in the near future for the diecast book.

Peter says -

  • Sorry, I keep meaning to let you know the book arrived safely.
    So far I’ve just been browsing and checking out my favourites – when I get time I am determined to read it straight through to do it justice.

    It does look to be a very comprehensive study of the genre – I particularly like the potted history of the real cars.

Roy of Gordon Keeble OC says -

  • The book arrived yesterday!  First glance, a dangerous book.....I'm going to find too many models I want and don't have!!
     But seriously, it's a very useful (and unexpected) catalogue of British sporting makes, with a good concise  history of each, quite apart from the deep coverage of models that have been made.
    I look forward to reading this, and recommending it to my fellow members of the Gordon-Keeble Owners' Club, as well as my 'local' club - East Anglian Practical Classics.
     Many thanks for sending it, and a great job!

Robin from Sydney Model Collectors Club says -

  • Thoroughly enjoying my copy and spent the w/e with my nose buried in it! Many congratulations and after a short break I think you should proceed onto another title!!!

Paul says -

  • I've been reading your book and it's very good. Very enjoyable to read, and great pictures to look through.

Bob says -

  • I’m impressed with British Post - the book was mailed on January 5 and arrived in Canada on January 10. I’m even more impressed with the book.
    Found several examples of models I have collected so far, and lots of information about others I can look for.  Nice presentation of research into marque histories and the range of models for each.  It will no doubt serve as a reference for collectors both now and in the future when those of us who grew up with Dinkys are gone.
    Congratulations on the book and my sincere appreciation for your work.

Karl says -

  • Great book - received it while I was out of town!!!!

Trygve from Norway says -

  • Today the last book arrived. Thank you. It was a very impressing book. It is impossible you know about them all and of course a lot are missing. I could not find the wonderful SMTS Bentley 6 litre kit, and I have 4-5 ACs not listed, all Le Mans. MPH made at least one of them. I got a lot of info how to make my kit better from Tim Dyke. I also have a Rover turbo from him which is not listed. I suppose everyone making such a wonderful book get a lot of hints afterwards of what should be there!
    I now see I have to look for a Lister Bristol on E-bay. I miss some in my Bristol collection. Also a Keift Bristol would have been wonderful. But I have a HRG Bristol! Probably the only one!
    Thanks for all help. Please let me know if you need photos of more models!

Ian says -

  • Your book arrived yesterday - most enjoyable! I have also just ordered the Resin Model book to complete my collection.

Alberto from Spain says -

  • Just to inform that the book arrived in very good condition.
    Is a wonderful book, where I can see references for many cars that I have since my early youth.